“Javascript? I’m used to VBA”

I’ve used Google Drive and related Apps lightly before joining SmartBus. The founder, Yishai, is a much more avid user. Drive is our goto for daily work - documentation, task handling, shared folder for graphics, and as of lately – reports using Spreadsheets.

Koby, the reports guy, was full of surprise when I told him about Google Apps Script. “Javascript? I’m used to VBA. You need to teach me how to work with that”. I can imagine it’s hard to get used to new technologies if that’s not your field. Javascript is a piece of cake though. There are so many tutorials out there, easy and hard.

However, he was looking for something else. a VBA to JS guide crash course that’ll set him on the right path. Just like “From VBA to Google Apps Script” offers. It’s the perfect walkthrough for anyone coming from VBA, who needs to learn Google Apps Script in and out. Bruce Mcpherson‘s wonderful site is the best informative site on the subject, and it’s by the far the best external resource for a commercial product I’ve come upon.

Unfortunately for Koby, he was drafted for the reserves. I’d taken over creating some of the reports for him, which was a bit tricker than I thought it would be, especially using JDBC. More on that on my next post.

Looking back

Having just re-started writing again, I’ve had a look back at old writings of mine. They all look bad. The other post on here looks like a five year old wrote it.

Heck, even the line above discomforts me , and it’s only 2 minutes old.

Realizing every part in what you do can be improved is only a minor comfort to yourself. Rewriting is no good – I’ll want to rewrite that again.

However, I must carry on, and constantly get better at this. There’s no other way.